Vanus on jätkuvalt vaid number: seitse üle 50-aastast ülilahedat fashionistat, kellest ammutada inspiratsiooni

1. Linda Rodin

I like red. @sophieelgort @whowhatwear ?

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Denim flairs. Thanks @kyledorosz

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2. Daphne Selfe

Manners Lost Life has changed so much during the 89 years I’ve lived and the difference in manners is something I’m conscious of as I go about my daily life. As I dash around London jumping on and off buses, trains and the underground (I do take a taxi from time to time but it often takes longer in the traffic) I notice that it isn’t often that I’m offered a seat. Late one night this week after leaving the Ballet at Sadlers Wells the underground carriage was crowded. Full with mainly young people and not one of them thought about if I might need a sit down. I didn’t mind as I was only travelling for one stop and was able to cope well but it got me thinking about the subject of manners. Recently I had an unpleasant….. click or tap the link in my profile to continue reading: http://www.daphneselfe.com/manners/ To me manners simply means thinking of others and being considerate – what does it mean to you? Am I old fashioned in my thinking and do you think there’s a place for manners in todays world? What do you think about manners and my two questions? Do let me know in the comments Photographer: Annie Bundfuss for Forever Young http://www.daphneselfe.com/manners/ http://www.anniebundfuss.com/editorial http://foreveryoung-mag.com/shes-a-rainbow/ #manners #mannerslost #consideringothers

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3. Dorrie Jacobson

LOE KA: Vintage’i-kuninganna Kirsti Saleh: “Võiks öelda, et olen kingasõltlane”

Kirju 1960-ndatest pärit brokaadist naaritsanahksete mansettidega mantel on Christian Diori looming. Soetasin selle mõned aastad tagasi New Yorgi reisil. Vintage-huvilisena külastasin loomulikult kohalikke butiike, kust ma selle ajatu ja ägeda mantli leidsingi.
Olen kandnud seda mõned korrad õhtusel teatrietendusel piduliku kleidi peal, samuti teksadega. Selline kombo tõmbab teatud daamilikkust ja pidulikkust sobivalt tagasi.

4. Colleen Heidemann

2018…. WOMEN STRONG!!!! Thank you @drewblackwellphoto #nextmodels #fashionshoot

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5. Britt Kanja

………………………… * * * * * * * READY ? * * * * * * * #advancedstyle

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6. Diana Gabriel

7. Maye Musk

2018 is here. I’m ready to have fun??? Fortunately I love both of my professions, as a dietitian and a model. When you love your work, it feels like fun, however it’s not always easy. As a dietitian, I would meet 100 doctors to introduce my nutrition practice to them, and only four would send their patients to me. Rejection is normal. It was worth it. As a model, I’ve lined up with hundreds of women at a casting. Rejection is normal. It was worth it. Don’t dream of success, without putting in the hard work. Now I’m booked for wellness talks and modeling jobs, without having to prove myself. That only took 50 years. And that’s my tip for the New Year. #grandmother #nearly70 #justgettingstarted * * * * #photographer @susanbowlusphoto #hairmakeup @gianlucamandelli1 #stylist @scottieknight #IMG

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Out and about @parisfashionweek #streetstyle #paris ?#mayemusk

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LOE KA: Seitse üle 50-aastast ülilahedat fashionistat, kellest ammutada inspiratsiooni

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