Ebaõnnestunud püsimeik: vaatajale naljakas, kuid kannatanule tragöödia

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Püsijumestus on saanud äärmiselt populaarseks ja selles vallas on kogenud tegijad juba oluliselt rohkem kui amatööre.

Ent internetis liiguvad siiani pildid töödest, mis tekitavad veidi värinaid, ajades samas natuke muigama. Muidugi pole  ilus teise ebaõnne üle naerda – seetõttu võta parem õppust ja enne, kui otsustad püsimeigi kasuks, vaata hoolikalt, kelle julged enda kallale lasta.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this photo! ? When the procedure is done correctly, there is no need to stray out of the lip outlines more than 1mm! __________________________________________ Girls, please be careful when choosing a studio or a permanent makeup artist. If you don’t do your research when choosing, you can damage or spoil your face worse than botched plastic surgery! This applies to your eyebrows, eyes or lips. __________________________________________ What to look for when choosing a studio: 1. Portfolio 2. Skill and expertise of the technician 3. Permanent make-up techniques and equipment 4. Appropriate pigments that compliments your complexion. (This is one of the MOST important factors that directly affects the result.) 5. Cleanliness & hygiene (If you feel the studio is not sterile, GET OUT OF THERE!) _________________________________________ If you have any doubts or questions about the studio or the procedure, it's better to book a consultation to confirm that you’re making the right choice! What are you thoughts about this work? ?

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I just published a new @buzzfeed article entitled "Permanent Makeup is Never an Emergency" it's a handy and blunt guide to help you choose an eyebrow microblading artist or any other PMU artist. These treatments are becoming quickly popular but with that popularity we are also seeing untrained technicians pop up everywhere. Do your homework on your artist!! Bad PMU costs much more to fix than it costs to get good PMU in the first place!! When you get permanent makeup you are literally getting a tattoo on your face. This tattoo is PERMANENT. You may have seen such and such salon who told you it was 'semi-permanent' … but this is simply false. This tattoo is permanent, and it will fade over time, but it is extremely unlikely that it will ever fade away completely – 10 years from now you will still have some remnants of this tattoo and likely 20 years from now as well. Permanent makeup that's done poorly by an untrained technician may not even be removable with laser or saline removal! This is NOT a decision to take lightly, to make on a whim, or to choose to do because all your friends did it. Think about it, thoroughly, research your artist, and be prepared to say NO or even forfeit your deposit if you're not feeling it when it comes down to it. A $100 loss is NOTHING compared to a lifetime of botched permanent makeup. *The photo above is a great example of terrible work – two eyebrows and eyeliner migration. The 2 brows could be removed with laser or saline, but eyeliner migration is NOT removable and permanent (NOT MY WORK). #buzzfeed #badpermanentmakeup #badmicroblading #eyelinermigration #choosewisely #vetyourartist #thinkbeforeyouink

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(This is NOT MY WORK) ??❌Attention Ladies: If you are considering Microblading or any type of Permanent Makeup on your face – I BEG YOU please go with someone who can show YOU their work. They should at least have 20-25 images of different clients in different phases of healing, otherwise you are putting yourself at risk for something like this to happen! They butchered this poor ladies face! Not only is my technique sterile (Thanks UT Nursing School) but I have close to 100 images you can look at! I'm not saying don't trust a newbie (we all start somewhere) but ask to see real photos! #houstonmicroblading #microbladinggonewrong #badpermanentmakeup #painful #eyebrowsdestroyed #notmywork #poorlady #thewoodlands #sterilization #spring #houstonartist #makeupartist

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